2nd April 2015

Roots and Fruits

Customer: Roots and Fruits

Avery Berkel Equipment:  2 x Xs200 system scales

Xs put to the test

Roots and Fruits is a greengrocer and florist based in the spa town of Cheltenham. Owned and managed by father and son team, Colin and Andrew Artus, the store specialises in locally grown fruits and vegetables, but also stocks local cheeses, jams & preserves and hand-made confectionary amongst other items.

Why Xs?

Before Roots and Fruits installed the new Xs system scales, staff at the store used a combination of price computing scales from another provider with cash drawers to double up also as cash registers. This system required manual input of almost every action – from simple item weighing to more complex produce code entry or price changes. Transaction speed was slow during peak hours, exacerbated by the need for manual entry, which also introduced an additional layer for user error.

The Avery Berkel Solution at Roots and Fruits

Because of this need to simplify its service mechanism, the team at Roots and Fruits jumped at the chance to trial Avery Berkel’s newest system scales, Xs to help provide a more efficient customer service.

Working with Avery Berkel experts, the proposed solution included two Xs200 system scales, each paired with cash drawers and barcode scanners. This arrangement meant there was no longer a need for manual entry of product codes or prices, and the Xs200’s barcode scanners would allow staff to easily scan non-weighed items for additional speed.

On top of this, the unique MXBusiness software integration means the system can be kept fully up to date with price and stock promotion changes, along with visibility of product and store performance information, all from one central operating computer for further time savings.

The verdict?

Within just one day of installing the Xs scales and companion equipment system, the Artus family reported the benefits of the solution in their store.

Queues were reduced and customers were impressed with the wide viewing screen.

Andrew Artus said: “The new Xs system helped immediately. We have been able to serve customers in a far more efficient way, and the Xs scales are so much quicker than our old scales.

Customers really like the screen on view - it’s bright and clear for them to read which means they buy what they need quickly and easily.”

Andrew added: “There is nothing I would change on the Xs – we are very happy with them.”

Andrew said the scales’ ease of use was also proving a hit with staff, especially the customised keyboard.  Andrew said:  “The Xs simply makes more sense, the display is clear and fully customised so that staff are not searching for goods.”

Andrew and the team at Roots and Fruits use their Xs system scales in cash control mode with the cash drawers and barcode scanners also having a positive impact on the store.  Andrew said: “The Xs scales with cash drawers are far faster than our tills, so handling cash is much easier.  This was especially obvious during the busy Christmas trading period, where queue waiting times were noticeably reduced for customers.”

Roots and Fruits case study - PDF download