Click & Collect

Click & Collect from Avery Berkel is a variable temperature controlled grocery locker: ambient, chilled and frozen.




Click & Collect Lockers from Avery Berkel & Foster Refrigerator offer frozen, chilled, controlled ambient and general merchandise compartments  in a single grocery locker solution.

The software intelligently releases groceries in order of least temperature sensitive to most temperature sensitive, enforcing food health and safety standards for customers collecting their grocery orders.

  • Frozen compartments: down to -18ºC
  • Chilled compartments: -1ºC to +5ºC
  • Controlled ambient compartments: +5ºC to +25ºC
  • General merchandise compartments: no temperature control required

Frozen compartments allow customers to order and collect frozen items at their own convenience from the Click & Collect locker. Ice cream and other frozen items can be delivered and collected and collected with no worry.

Chilled compartments keep vegetables crisp and meat fresh, with a range from -1ºC to +5ºC available.

Controlled ambient (patent pending) allows for temperature sensitive items to be protected from outside fluctuations in temperature. Items such as chocolate, bananas, or olive oil that would normally be found in room temperature environments indoors, but would otherwise spoil in the outdoor locker during warm or cool seasons. A stable temperature is maintained, ensuring food items are received as expected.

General merchandise compartments feature no temperature control and would be intended for items such as toilet paper and other non-temperature sensitive items.

Avery Berkel Click and Collect locker HACCP certification

With over 50 years' of experience in refrigeration, Avery Berkel's sister-company Foster Refrigerator is best placed to protect the health and safety of your customers. Foster Refrigerator even holds the prestigious Royal Warrant as experts of refrigeration to the Royal Household. Our Click & Collect lockers feature temperature checks and are fully HACCP certified - if the food is no longer safe due to temperatures moving out of the designated safe range, then the food is not dispensed to customers.

All compartments are self-contained to maintain temperatures. Our refrigeration design greatly minimises temperature failure, limiting it to a single compartment versus total failure with competitor solutions. Compartments are also designed to prevent cross-contamination from leaks and are easy to clean and maintain.

Click & Collect locker solutions range from entirely offline to provide ease of trial installation, through to fully integrated solutions into existing e-commerce operations.

We can even provide SMS and/or email facilities to update your customers to facilitate a trial.

Flexibility of locker layout, number of columns and ratio of frozen, chilled and ambient compartments to best match your available space and capacity needs, whether under cover or exposed outdoors.

"Straight" layout depicted

Avery Berkel Click & Collect L and U layout

"L" layout (left) and "U" layout (right) depicted

With security accredited by IBM's X-Force Red team, our Click & Collect locker software has been developed by Avery Berkel's engineers with their knowledge and experience of the grocery retail industry.

Avery Berkel and Foster Refrigerator both have considerable roll out capability within the grocery and food service sector, having worked with large-scale retailers all over the world.

Our experienced and professional installation team is on hand for guidance through the entire process.

Our Click & Collect locker has proven to be a mature, reliable and production-ready solution for online and omnichannel grocery retail with a measurable return on investment.

Avery Berkel Foster Refrigerator royal warrant

Foster Refrigerator holds a prestigious Royal Warrant

In 2016, Foster Refrigerator celebrated its 50th anniversary, and in 2018, Avery Berkel celebrated its 200th anniversary for two major milestones in quick succession.

Both Foster Refrigerator and Avery Berkel continue to innovate with Click & Collect lockers through multiple patents and pending patents.

  • Small independent refrigeration systems
  • More reliable, whilst replacements can be rolled in or out
  • Easily flexible and scalable, up or down
  • Effect of refrigeration system stoppage (on a typical 8 column installation) = only 12.5% failure

  • Single large system
  • Operational risk associated with a single system
  • Scalability issues due to inflexibile designs
  • Effect of refrigeration system stoppage (on a typical 8 column installation) = 100% total failure

Avery Berkel Click & Collect locker compartment shelf

Each standard door compartment can hold up to 63 litres of groceries or general merchandise.

The shelf within each compartment can be adjusted to better maximise the usable space inside.

Thanks to individually sealed compartments, cross-contamination is prevented against.

Avery Berkel Click & Collect locker with vinyl signwriting

Our Click & Collect lockers feature anti-graffiti paint, available in more than 300 colours. Simply provide the RAL code for your company colour-scheme.

Vinyl signwriting can also be applied to support campaign messaging.