16th November 2020

Natasha’s Law and Allergen Labelling Compliance

Natasha's Law and allergen compliance from Avery Berkel

Protecting your customers.

Are you ready for Natasha’s Law allergen legislation - October 2021.

You may know, this will affect many food retailers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It requires all pre-packaged food items – whether prepared on-site or off-site – to have clearly highlighted allergens in their ingredients list.

(More information available here: https://deframedia.blog.gov.uk/2019/06/25/natashas-law-to-protect-allergy-sufferers/)

So how can Avery Berkel system scales help you to prepare?

Avery Berkel scale systems ensure you remain compliant with Natasha’s Law legislation
Protect both your Customers and your Reputation
Provides a simple, automatic solution for identifying allergens
Highlighting and presented Allergens on ingredients labels in bold, compliant text
The Avery Berkel Automatic allergen highlighting system greatly reducing the risk of human error
You’re in control and can Add and Edit allergens as required
Solutions suitable for all retailers

To discuss your allergen and Natasha’s Law compliance needs, please contact your Avery Berkel representative or reach out to us through our contact page.