IM Series Counter Service Weighing Solution


The IM Series focuses on the essentials that retailers told us they wanted from a counter service scale.

Pure: The IM series contains just what’s needed in a counter service scale for today’s modern retailer. The latest technology, easy back office integration, environmentally sound and great design. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Simple: Simple to use, simple to install, simple to connect Plug it in, set it up and it goes.

Effective: Effective for your customers, your staff and for you. It’s a business tool that provides you with real, tangible benefits.


The IM-Series contains a whole host of impressive features that translate into concrete benefits for your business:

  • First impressions count. Cool, contemporary design that saves counter space.
  • Greener credentials. Lower energy requirements thanks to efficient electronics. RoHS compatible meaning it doesn’t contain any chemicals or substances that could be damaging to the environment.
  • Just what you need… today and tomorrow. Digital load cell technology gives faultless weighing under all conditions. Ethernet as standard with USB connections and cash drawer interface. Wi-Fi optional. 6000 PLU memory as standard.
  • Saves time and money. Staff make fewer mistakes with the bright, logical display that has a wide viewing angle. Clearly marked, raised keys mean there’s little chance of hitting the wrong one. This helps you keep your profits on track and staff keep their cool when under pressure at a busy counter.
  • Fast and efficient printing is ensured with the IM. It has a unique rewind feature that ensures all the label is printed on, potentially saving thousands. All the graphics you need can be added to the labels and the design tools in our back office software packages enable flexible, fast, easy label designs.
  • Unique USB data transfer. Small businesses in particular will profit from this feature, unique in scales at this price level. Load new product files onto the scale using a USB flash drive. No cables, no access points, no fuss.