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FX Comparison

Find the ideal FX scale for your unique needs. Explore the different options below:

FX50 Monobloc FX50 Tower FX110 FX120 FX131
Monobloc scale
Low operator display with customer head-up display scale
Low profile checkout scale
Checkout scale
Checkout scale
Mode of Operations
Price Computing
Price Computing
Weighing Capacity Options
15kg x 5g
15kg x 5g
15kg x 5g
15kg AVR
15kg x 5g
15kg x 5g

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Key Benefits of FX

FX scales come in two options to suit your needs: price computing models or checkout models.

FX50 - User Experience

Large, easy to read and use keys on a wipe clean keypad. FX50 can be mains powered or battery powered.

FX50 - Backlit Display For Visibility

Customers and your team can enjoy easy to read backlit displays for impressive visibility.

FX50 - Quick Access To Save Time

Store up to 50 products, including 12 quick access hot-keys for your most popular products.

FX Checkout - Full POS Integration

FX checkout scales can be integrated into a number of POS solutions.

FX checkout - Protocol Support

FX checkout scales support a wide variety of protocols, including OPOS and JPOS.

FX Checkout - Scanner Support

FX131 is a bioptic scanner scale, supporting a 360° scan zone.

FX Full Specification


  • FX50: 50 PLU and 12 quick access keys for popular items


  • FX110: RS232 serial
  • FX120: RS232 serial
  • FX131: RS232 serial and USB 2.0


  • FX110: 15kg x 5g
  • FX120: 15kg AVR, 15kg x 5g
  • FX131: 15kg x 5g


FX110, FX120, FX131:

  • Avery Berkel weight only
  • Avery Berkel price computing
  • Mettler Toledo L2
  • Mettler Toledo 82/7
  • Dialog 02/04/06
  • BES
  • SMA
  • OPOS weight only
  • JPOS weight only

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