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About Avery Berkel

Evolution of Innovation

For over 200 years, Avery Berkel has worked closely with food retail customers to develop the innovations that consumers love and that make a real difference to stores and fresh food operations. We work in partnership with retailers, large and small, to ensure your daily processes are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Driven by our customer focus, Avery Berkel has been at the forefront of innovation. In our extensive history, we consistently design market-leading solutions that change the game for retailers. From the first electronic scale in the 1970s to the first PC scale in 2000, we create innovations designed with retailers in mind.

Our aim is always to provide high-quality, reliable solutions that will help your business thrive. It is through years of top-of-the-range product manufacturing and impeccable service that we have built our world-class reputation that allows us to best serve retailers across the globe.

Avery Berkel comprises of talented industrial designers, electronics specialists, software engineers and many others to form a creative, entrepreneurial, and supportive team that continually strives to develop sustainable and meaningful solutions that make a real difference.

Our Innovations

Avery Berkel is renowned for our innovative and patented technology. Every solution is devised from our commitment to solving critical challenges that our customers face. We build long-lasting customer relationships to ensure that every innovation makes a positive impact for our clients and their customers, too.

Our innovations include:

  • ValuMax – our scales are always level to weigh most accurately, maximising retailer profit whilst reducing product shrinkage
  • CodeChecker – printed barcodes are always scannable, improving checkout efficiency whilst also maximising uptime by prolonging the ability to print until a replacement printhead can be installed
  • iSEL – Intelligent Shelf Edge Labels integrated into our scale system, allowing for always compliant product information and up-to-date pricing, whilst also reducing labour and labelling cost overhead
  • Allergen labelling compliance – ensuring printed labels and iSELs are always compliant with allergen and ingredient labelling legislation, such as Natasha's Law, to protect retailers and their customers
  • Self-Service AI – a machine learning camera system that learns and teaches other networked self-service scales to visually recognise new products and refine knowledge of existing products, greatly simplifying setup and reducing shrinkage for retailers and the customer journey for shoppers
  • Linerless auto-cutter – our patented variable length label printing design requires no sharpening, cleaning or oiling for zero maintenance, whilst also being up to 5x faster to load labels and is more eco-friendly with no backing paper waste

Customer-Back Innovation

Innovation with Avery Berkel starts with our customers. We innovate from the customer-back, not the research and development centre out, allowing us to solve our customers' most critical challenges. Our unique customer-back approach is made possible because we are trusted partners to our customers. We understand our customers' retail businesses and we have the ability to draw deep insights that result in solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our Core Values

Avery Berkel's core values are fundamental to who we are as an organisation. Supported by strong governance practices, we are driven to make a difference for our people, our communities, and the environment.


Our customers and suppliers are always treated in the same manner by Avery Berkel – with honesty and transparency, by an organisation that constantly strives to do the right thing.


We rely on the fact that all of Avery Berkel works to the highest professional standards and in the organisation's best interests at all times.


Our professional team comes from many different backgrounds – Avery Berkel respects such diversity at every level of the organisation and consequently promotes an open environment in which innovations can emerge.


We continually focus on the essential core of each business opportunity. With the “80/20” rule being part of our central philosophy, we foster simplicity in terms of how we think and operate in regard to our processes, systems and structures.

Shared Risk

As an organisation driven by innovation, we know that we can gain strength through trial and error, success and failure – and perhaps even stumble upon the next big idea. This is why we work as a team and jointly bear the risks.


ITW Corporate Family

Avery Berkel is part of the ITW family – one of the world leaders for specialist industrial equipment and consumables.

The businesses with the ITW corporate family serve businesses and customers all across the globe. With operations in over 56 countries and over 50,000 employees worldwide, ITW has a strong presence in both developed and emerging markets.

As part of ITW, we operate with the highest level of ethical conduct, everywhere in our organisation every day. This commitment is reinforced by strong policies and practices related to fair, ethical and honest business dealings, and compliance with applicable laws while demonstrating respect for human rights at Avery Berkel and throughout our supply chain.