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Avery Berkel operates in a way that demonstrates our commitments to both global and local environmental sustainability and community sustainability. Through continuous improvement, we regularly monitor our environmental performance for further opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

Our Pillars of Sustainability

Our Environment

Our People

Our Community

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

Managing and improving our environmental performance

We are committed to operating sustainably in every aspect of our business, from the sourcing of raw materials to how we operate and innovate.

Across Avery Berkel, we continually measure, manage and work to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and products. We also partner with key suppliers to ensure that, together, we have a positive impact on our environment and use our resources responsibly.

We utilise our sustainability framework to develop and execute a fit-for-purpose environmental management methodology appropriate for our business. We are directly responsible for implementing the most impactful environmental performance improvement opportunities for our unique operation.

Reducing our environmental impact

In accordance with our environmental management system, Avery Berkel's commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated through development of innovative solutions and manufacturing processes that reduce energy consumption and improve of operational efficiency at our facilities.

These are just some examples of our contributing initiatives:

  • Facilities-wide switch to LED lighting – 257kWh saved each year compared to our previous lighting systems
  • Technician vehicle journey management – 241,032 fewer miles travelled since our 2017 baseline, saving over 60 tonnes of CO₂
  • Transition to fully recyclable and recycled product packaging – over 4 tonnes of non-recyclable packaging removed from qualifying products since 2017

Our People

Avery Berkel strives to be a great employer through our demonstrated commitment to employee safety, workplace culture, talent development, diversity and inclusion.

Employee Safety

The safety of our team is an essential component of our commitment to being a great employer. We foster a proactive safety culture through the execution of our Safety Strategy, which is based on a philosophy that every accident is preventable and with a goal of zero accidents.

Our Safety Strategy is based on the following core principles:

  • Goal is zero accidents
  • Shared ownership for safety (business and individual)
  • Take a proactive approach focused on accident prevention
  • Apply the continuous improvement philosophy

Workplace culture and talent management

Our culture defines who we are as an organisation and how we lead. We are focused on ensuring our culture is deeply and consistently applied across the company while giving our colleagues “flexibility within the framework” to achieve success. We believe our decentralised, entrepreneurial culture is the key element that drives the highly effective and efficient conversion of strategy into action and action into results that matter. Our team experiences significant autonomy and a sense of shared ownership to create innovative solutions for our customers all around the globe. Our work environment is deeply rooted in our core values of “Integrity”, “Simplicity”, “Trust”, “Respect” and “Shared Risk”.


We focus on attracting a diverse pool of talent that will grow with us from intern to entry-level hire.


We recognise and reward colleagues who perform well and have a strong history of promoting our internal talent.


We invest in our colleagues through professional development, challenging on-the-job experiences and long-term career growth opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is intentional, fully integrated into our enterprise talent strategy and touches every part of our business.

We ensure our organisation has the tools and resources necessary to build a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace. As part of a global organisation, we embrace and implement the framework provided by the ITW Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Our “Do More Agenda” aims to reaffirm our commitment to promoting and supporting more inclusive economic growth and opportunities for people from all backgrounds. This agenda includes specific areas of focus that are impactful and closely aligned with our capabilities, skill sets and business needs as an organisation:

  • Further deepen our commitment to diversity and inclusion and respect for all at Avery Berkel
  • Leverage our capabilities and industry experience to create long-term skilled employment opportunities for candidates from all backgrounds
  • Expand investment and engagement in organisations, programmes and partnerships that improve access to high-quality education and to meaningful long-term employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds

Our Community

Guided by our culture and core values, Avery Berkel is committed to investing in the communities where our colleagues live and work and where we do business. Supported by a flexible framework, our colleagues are empowered to support the organisations and causes that matter most to them.

Recognising the importance of our responsibility beyond our business operations, we encourage and support our colleagues to make a positive difference, through charity and volunteer efforts, to the communities where they live and work. In the spirit of Avery Berkel's commitment to “do what we say”, we strive to positively impact and influence others through our support of critical initiatives.

We have the flexibility to contribute to organisations and causes in ways that are meaningful to the communities around us. Avery Berkel also strategically invests in our focus areas of education, workforce development, and arts and culture through key partnerships in our communities. Examples of these investments include apprenticeship schemes, professional qualifications, and donations towards initiatives of historical significance.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct describes the expected standard of our team and how we comply with local rights laws, including those against slavery, human trafficking, and child labour. These standards are also applied to our suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct and our standard purchase order terms and conditions.

These standards are reinforced by strong practices and related to fair, ethical and honest business dealings. Avery Berkel upholds these standards in everything we do, living our core values as part of our day-to-day operations.