Avery Berkel scales have been trusted for their accuracy for over 250 years, especially when it comes to the delicate items crafted and sold by confectioners. Below are some of the benefits from Avery Berkel scales and solutions:

Profit improvement

Profit improvement for fishmongers

  • Grow margins
  • Grow sales
  • Minimise wastage
  • Minimise shrinkage

Time savings

Fishmongers save time with Avery Berkel

  • Decrease time spent on cashing up
  • Accurate and fast sales reporting
  • Schedule reports to automatically run in the background


Fishmongers can benefit from Avery Berkel reporting

  • Store and sales data to aid with managerial decisions
  • Wide array of management reports available


Avery Berkel scales are compliant for fishmongers

  • Labelling legislation
  • Nutritional legislation
  • Traceability legislation


Aftercare is available for fishmonger scales from Avery Berkel

Avery Berkel offers a variety of scales suited to confectioners and chocolatiers - click below to find out more:

XT Series

Xt420 for fishmongers

Xs Series

Xs400 for fishmongers


Fx50 for fishmongers

Find out how independent retailers have found benefit from Avery Berkel scales - click below to read some of our case studies: