Farm Shops and Delis

Avery Berkel is trusted by farm shops and delis to develop retail weighing solutions to not only make the day to day running of a store easier, but also more profitable.

With Avery Berkel, farm shops and delis can experience the following benefits from our range of weighing scale solutions:

Improve profit

Improve farm shop and deli profit with Avery Berkel

  • Boost sales
  • Boost margin
  • Cut down on wastage
  • Minimise shrinkage

Save time

Farm shops and delis can save time with Avery Berkel scales

  • Minimise time spent on cashing up
  • Reliable and fast sales data and reports
  • Schedule automatic data reports straight to PC


Sales and store data for farm shops and delis

  • Sales and store data to aid with managerial decisions
  • Wide variety of management reports available


Avery Berkel scales are EU FIC regulation compliant

  • Labelling legislation
  • Nutritional legislation
  • Traceability legislation


Avery Berkel provides comprehensive aftercare solutions to farm shops and delis

Avery Berkel has a range of scales that would be perfectly suited to farm shops or delis - please click on the products below to find out more:

XT Series


Xs Series



Fx50 for butchers

Click below to discover how Avery Berkel scales and solutions have benefitted farm shops and delis: