Avery Berkel has worked closely with fishmongers to develop the right products and solutions for their needs. Fishmongers can receive the following benefits with Avery Berkel scales:

Profit improvement

Profit improvement for fishmongers

  • Increase sales and increase margin
  • Reduce wastage and reduce shrinkage

Time savings

Fishmongers save time with Avery Berkel

  • Reduce time spent on cashing up
  • Fast and accurate sales reporting
  • Automatically scheduled reports straight to PC


Fishmongers can benefit from Avery Berkel reporting

  • Store and sales data to aid managerial decisions
  • Wide variety of management reports available


Avery Berkel scales are compliant for fishmongers

  • Labelling legislation
  • Nutritional legislation
  • Traceability legislation


Aftercare is available for fishmonger scales from Avery Berkel

Avery Berkel offers a range of scales for fishmongers to choose from - please click on the products below to find out more:

XT Series

Xt420 for fishmongers

Xs Series

Xs400 for fishmongers


Fx50 for fishmongers

Click below to find out how independent retailers have benefited from Avery Berkel scales and solutions: