Trusted by grocers and green grocers for over 250 years, Avery Berkel is the trusted and accurate solution when it comes to weighing fresh produce.

Avery Berkel scales can provide grocers and green grocers with the following benefits:

Improve profit

Improve profits for grocers and green grocers

  • Increase sales
  • Increase margin
  • Reduce wastage
  • Reduce shrinkage

Time savings

Grocers and green grocers can save time with Avery Berkel

  • Spend less time cashing up
  • Access to reliable and fast sales data
  • Manage multiple scales at once



  • Store and sales data to aid managerial decisions
  • Wide variety of management reports available


Avery Berkel scales are compliant with grocer and green grocer needs

  • Labelling legislation
  • Nutritional legislation
  • Traceability legislation


Avery Berkel offers a range of scales for green grocers and grocers to choose from - please click on the products below to find out more:

XT Series


Xs Series



Fx50 for butchers

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