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15 Jun 2021

There's Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade

Now is an ideal time to upgrade and invest in the future of your existing store, or in the opening of a new location. The Government's Super Deduction allows businesses to cut their corporation tax bill by up to 25p for every £1 they invest in new equipment.


For example:

If you spend £10,000 on an Avery Berkel retail weighing system, your corporate tax deduction as a result of the purchase and when the Super Deduction applied is calculated as 130% of your initial investment value.

Deducting £13,000 from your taxable profits will save your business up to 19% of the increased transaction value, or in this example £2,470.

When combined with Avery Berkel 2 years interest-free finance you can buy-now, pay later whilst taking immediate advantage of the Super Deduction tax benefit.

Speak to your Avery Berkel Authorised Dealer to learn more or contact us for more information today.

See how much you could save when combining the Super Deduction with our interest-free credit offer:

Example Costs Total for 2 Years
Cost of investment in Avery Berkel scale system (£10,000)
Repayments of £416.66 for 24 months £10,000
Super Deduction Tax Benefit
£13,000 (Super Deduction) x 19% (Corporation Tax) = £2,470 saved -£2,470
Net Cost of Investment – Actual Cost £7,530
Capital cost per week when purchased on 24 months interest-free credit:
Weeks 1-92 £81.80

Please note that interest-free credit from Avery Berkel excludes the Republic of Ireland.

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