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3 Feb 2021

Zero Waste from Avery Berkel

Zero Waste from Avery Berkel

Avery Berkel is the trusted name in Zero Waste, Bring Your Own Container, and Plastic-Free initiatives.

Our powerful sustainability focused, scale based solution, is used by both global grocery retailers and independent retailers, looking to align the shopping experience with the customers desire to reduce all unnecessary plastic and packaging waste.

Zero Waste with Avery Berkel system scales has only 4 easy steps:

  1. Tare the container
  2. Fill the container
  3. Scan and weigh the container
  4. Checkout and pay



✅ Promotes sustainable shopping

✅ Align with your customers' values

✅ Improve environmental awareness

✅ Meet CSR goals



✅ Reduced food packaging waste

✅ Reduce reliance on single-use plastic

✅ Enjoy ethical and eco-friendly ways to shop

✅ More control over shopping choices


To discuss your Zero Waste store requirements, please contact your Avery Berkel representative or visit our dedicated Zero Waste product section for more information.

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