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Product Management

Whether you're managing products for an individual store or an estate, Avery Berkel has the right product management software solutions for you.

Product Management

Have full visibility of your stores and estate in one place with MXBusiness from Avery Berkel.

Create, edit, review and manage your products, ingredients, allergens, pricing and more using MXBusiness. Easy to use software, enable quick updates for managers and operators, advertising and media, special offers, and promotions.


MXBusiness is packed with features to make operating a fresh food retail store faster, simpler and more profitable.

Product Editor

Quickly and easily manage and edit product images, ingredients, allergens, pricing and much more.

Keyboard Manager

Create and edit multiple keyboards for different seasons, departments, product groups and more to enhance operations.

Label Designer

Design eye-catching and impactful labels that increase sales and boost promotion campaigns.

Media Manager

Enhance your store with the easy creation of compelling adverts, mood-boosting playlists and other media benefits.

Reporting Suite

Gain insight into how your store is performing, what your fast-moving products are, which staff members generate the most sales and all the statistics that help your business move forward.

Special Offer Manager

Create and manage special offers and discounts with ease. Mix and Match allows for powerful special offer creation, as well as special offers for quantity and other criteria.

Scheduled Tasks

Save time and improve efficiency by using MXBusiness to schedule regular tasks, such as running reports or logging all operators off automatically at the end of trading.

Multi-Site Management and Price Banding

Manage multiple stores, each with unique product offerings and prices from just one place within MXBusiness.

Compatible Series

MXBusiness is compatible with the following Avery Berkel products:

XT Series

The XT Series is Avery Berkel's flagship retail weighing scale, featuring intuitive touchscreen displays and cutting edge software functionality.

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XS Series

The XS Series is Avery Berkel's retail weighing system scale, featuring tactile keys and functionality-rich software.

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