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Natasha's Law – FIC Compliant Allergen Labelling

Avery Berkel scales fully support Food Information to Consumers allergen labelling legislation requirements, such as Natasha's Law.

Labels are clear, informing your customers of any allergens in the production process.

Features & Benefits

Automatic highlighting of allergens

Our allergen system will automatically highlight and bold known allergens, with the list expandable as more allergens are recognised.

Automatic population of dietary or religious information

If all ingredients in an item are gluten-free, the product can automatically be presented as gluten-free.

Maintain label legibility

Avery Berkel scales automatically monitor and detect failing printheads, alerting colleagues of the need for replacement.

Print to multiple label sizes

Adding our XTs700 secondary printer allows for our allergen system to output to multiple label sizes. This is ideal for both simple items with fewer ingredients that only require smaller labels, whereas complex items with more ingredients will require larger labels.

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