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Shrinkage & Waste Reduction

Shrinkage and wastage for fresh food retailers is a real problem that can erode your profit margin. Avery Berkel can help you to mitigate the issue with proper monitoring and visibility.

We offer several shrinkage and wastage reduction solutions in place that can maintain and improve your profit margins.

Features & Benefits

Production Mode - Ingredient and Portion Control

Prevent ingredient overuse with Production Mode. This provides guided step-by-step instructions and exact weights to build a product, such as a pizza.

Production Mode - Consistency and Training

Our Production Mode leads to more consistent results across all of your production staff. Under-weight items are guarded against. New staff require less training and simply follow the step-by-step instructions. Existing staff can be easily re-trained and benchmarked.

Fresh Production Planning - Ensure you always deliver the optimal levels of stock for your customers.

By analysing your sales data, we create production schedules that drive the fulfilment or replenishment of a particular counter so that regular and ad hoc customers can always purchase.

Fresh Production Planning - Minimise waste

Eliminate issues of under- and overstocking. Fresh production planning provides guidance on how much to produce, when to produce, and also when you require staff resource.

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