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Refrigerated Locker Management

Our refrigerated grocery Click & Collect lockers are powered by our Locker Management System.

The powerful Locker Management System configures and drives locker functionality, allowing you, the retailer, to tailor various aspects of the lockers to meet your and your customers' needs.

Features & Benefits

Locker Communications and Configuration

The Locker Management System (LMS) handles all of the communications to and from the locker. The LMS also allows for configuration of locker admin users, door and temperature settings, and much more.

Distribution of Compartment Needs

The LMS will advise the locker of the number of different temperature compartments are required by an order. The locker then makes the allocation.

Locker Compartment Monitoring

The LMS monitors and communicates the status of compartments.

Remote Functionality

The LMS provides powerful remote control functionality – enabling or disabling doors, restarting a locker, reloading a locker's data, and more.

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