XTs is a great introduction to what the XT Series has to offer.

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  • Full colour 7 inch touchscreen display for faster, more intuitive operator input
  • Full colour 7 or 10 inch multimedia display for the customer, capable of adverts and video - increase customer basket value
  • ValuMax© technology keeps your scale accurate whilst on un-level surfaces - only provide the customer with what they have paid for and maximise profit
  • Versatile label and receipt printing options, along with CodeChecker© for fewer print head changes to reduce the cost of printing

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  • XTs provides a bright and colourful 7 inch operator touchscreen for fast and intuitive input - a tactile keyboard also comes as standard
  • Alert customers of special offers whilst they're being served with the full colour and advert-capable customer-facing display - increase the value of customer baskets or promote lesser-visited parts of stores
  • A sleek wraparound stainless steel design means XTs is at home from butcher counters to supermarkets - stylish, modern and easy to clean
XTs400 operator screen Xm200 rear display
  • On average, scales can be as much as 1.5º out of level for incorrect weight reporting
  • The law of physics always favours the customer where they receive more product than what they have paid for, reducing a store's profit
  • ValuMax© automatically ensures Xm provides an accurate weight, even when placed on un-level surfaces
  • Maximise profits with ValuMax© and only provide what has been paid for


  • Ethernet connectivity included as standard
  • Wi-Fi connectivity available as an option
  • Connect directly with our MXBusiness scale management software - network scales together for one click price and product updates
  • MXBusiness can provide valuable data and management reports - easily measure store performance, profitability, item popularity and much more

MXBusiness scale management software


  • 2GB standard system memory (8GB max.)
  • Solid state storage


  • Up to 5x USB 2.0 ports
  • Plug-in USB mass storage device support


  • 10/100 Base T Ethernet
  • Optional 802.11b/g/n Wifi communications

Operating system

  • Linux
  • See XTx retail weighing scales for Windows Embedded support


  • XTs retail weighing scales come with 7 inch operator touchscreens with additional tactile keys
  • XTs retail weighing scales come with 7 inch customer displays - XTs400 comes with a 10.1 inch customer display option
  • XTs700 is a printer only and does not feature any displays


  • Single action cassette system
  • Roll diameter: 120mm
  • Max. roll width: 72mm
  • Max. print width:70mm
  • Max. print length: 300mm
  • Print edge to edge, top to bottom and side to side
  • CodeChecker© print head diagnostics
  • Greyscale depth: 16 levels


  • ValuMax© automatic level correction system