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31 Aug 2021

Natasha's Law – is your business ready?

Natasha's Law is coming 1st of October 2021 – are you ready?

Avery Berkel is the trusted name when it comes to Natasha's Law compliance – working with food retailers of all sizes.

What is Natasha's Law?

  1. Ingredients must be listed, and all allergens must be highlighted
  2. Affects all pre-packaged foods – made on or off-site
  3. Applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  4. Impacts food retailers – big or small

Avery Berkel's tried and tested printing system scales provide full compliance for Natasha's Law allergen identification and highlighting, with the ability to add new allergens in the future.

Speak to your Avery Berkel representative today for more information on how Avery Berkel can support you with Natasha's Law, or please contact us to discuss your needs.

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