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iSELs from Avery Berkel - Intelligent Shelf Edge Electronic Labels


Intelligent Electronic Shelf Edge Labels

Providing full control of shelf edge pricing and product compliance information instantly.

iSELs present retailers with a fast and effortless way to maintain in-store prices, product details and compliance information, but without the labour overhead or time investment of a manual system.

No more printing and placing of updated price labels, or balancing the frequency of price updates against the impact that price changes cost your business.


Intelligent Shelf Edge Labels

Customer Experience

Consumer Labelling Legislation

Productivity & Efficiency

Op-Ex Cost Savings


Save up to 70% on price change costs and hundreds of labour hours annually

  • Deliver consistent and accurate consumer information across all trading areas
  • Natasha's Law and Calorie Labelling Regulations compliant
  • Fully supported by Avery Berkel across the UK and Ireland

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Add quality and value to your business, find your next generation Avery Berkel solution today.


Up to 70% saving on price label change costs

Increase labour efficiency and productivity

Eliminate in-store change admin and management

‘Real time' price and product updates

Remove physical label changes

No shelf label stock holding or consumables

Always up-to-date and compliant

Any-time promotions

Sync price and product data across all store devices


1.5 inch to 7.5 inch sizes

Shock resistant

Up to 15 year battery life

Modern, ultra-thin ‘uni-body' design

IP68 protection rating

3 colour displays: black, white, red

Freezer compatible options available

Custom fonts, images, logos and graphics

Barcodes and QR codes scannable on-screen

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